Last year was one of growth for my business but much sadness in my personal life. I 've been on a roller coaster of emotions. My mother lost her 4 year battle to brain cancer. If any of you reading this post went through losing a loved one recently, my heart goes out to you. My father and I were the primary caregivers for her and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I learned a lot about life and death during this time, especially during the last 6 months of home hospice.

I learned to enjoy and be more present as all we really have is the "here and now". I know so many people delay getting their sessions as they think they need to lose weight or wait for that perfect moment. Learn to love yourself as you are and enjoy the time you have and to celebrate it!!! So ....Don't put off having your photo sessions. Please Please Please. Document your loved ones, yourself and even your pets.

I learned to appreciate the small things and to not be so hard on my self. I love flowers like really love flowers. I have started buying them on a weekly basis to just have them. The small things can make all the difference. I have let many projects remain unfinished but that's okay. I will make it a goal to finish them up this year (back yard gardens, deck, interior house painting, etc etc.) Oh boy!!!

During this time, I really let my little website go, I am excited to start blogging about all the beautiful sessions and lovely people I met last year. I love being a record keeper of special moments, events and the just because...